About us

Vaishak Ravi:
A budding film director, Vaishak is definitely the most passionate member of Plan B. He is usually the one who ends up getting riled up and giving long hilarious rants that leave you in splits.

Catch him on: Facebook | Twitter: @bhaktofKubrick
Rohan Joseph:
An Online Marketing guy by profession, Rohan is usually the one laughing hysterically, picking on others on the show or chiming in with sad one-liners. He is responsible for the silly mischievous side of Plan B.

Catch him on: Facebook | Twitter: @rohjose
Floyd Fernandes:
A technical director based in Canada, Floyd usually joins the panel via Skype. By far the most conservative of the lot; sometimes the others intentionally make offensive statements to get a reaction from Floyd. He rarely disappoints.

Catch him on: Facebook | Twitter: @Floydmferns
Ashtiaq Dalton:
An Account Planner by profession, Ashtiaq is the metrosexual, silly, self-deprecating and at times highly controversial side of Plan B. His simplistic outlook to situations and hilarious life experiences make for some crazy and hilarious conversations.

Catch him on: Facebook | Twitter: @SaReGaMaPOWW