Monthly Archives: April 2013

Season 2 – Episode 17 – The Facebook Creep

Unfortunately, Facebook does not yet have restraining orders – until it does, ladies, you have this week’s Plan B episode. We have identified the various approaches used by the Facebook Creep: a) Fraandhsip Making b) Obsessive Stalking c) Downright ‘line-marofying’...
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Season 2 – Episode 16 – Naina ‘Gym Freak’ Kundu

Dolay-sholay and muscKles aren’t the only body parts being worked out in Indian gyms. Naina Kundu (of the Naina Kundu Trio) discusses how Gymbos and Fitness Freaks have been exercising their loins and libidos....
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Season 2 – Episode 15 – Sky High Stupidity Grounded by Reality

Ashtiaq and Vaishak tell tales that are worthy of joining the Mile High Club of Stupidity. Clipped wings and fattening cakes come together to bring you episode 15....
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