Monthly Archives: March 2013

Season 2 – Episode 14 – Ambassador, Contessa and all things Male

Cars today have no character!” cried a highly despondent Rohan as his quest for a Man-mobile ended in failure. Why do auto-sensing a/cs matter? What do bollywood villains drive now? Where have all the cool cars gone?! Plan B finds out…...
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Season 2 – Episode 13 – Vaishak, The Bane of The Elderly

After several failed attempts at being accepted by the elderly, Vaishak transforms himself into their greatest nemesis. Episode 13 gives you a heart warming story of triumph over the weak and defenseless....
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Season 2 – Episode 12 -Stuck in the middle of you

What’s common between Napoleon, Charlie Sheen and Donald Trump apart from their follicle issues; they are all middle children. This week plan b discusses growing up as middle children in the 90s. Ready, steady, whine!...
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